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As one of the fastest & reliable British grooming brands for men, we are proud to say that BarberBoss is great investment opportunity for investors.

Within the 2 years of launch since Aug 2020, we have earned nearly 10K customer reviews and feedback on Amazon UK & other 5 EU countries. Despite the global impact of Covid-19, our company doubled down on its efforts to grow sustainable value for our customers, our employees and you, our stakeholders. And hence, most of our financial performance indicators improved strongly.

The loyalty of our customers is reflected in BarberBoss' reviews, referrals, repurchases and word-of-mouth (WOM), which measures the likelihood of customers recommending BarberBoss to others, which we are forever grateful.

Going forward, our focus must now be to (1) achieve a wider customer recognition & (2) launch a winder range of our current grooming products via extensive R&D. Market-leading customer satisfaction is at the heart of sustainable business success and hence our top-most priority.

For all investment inquiries, please email: 

Thank you,

The BarberBoss Managment

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