Introduction of BarberBoss

Based in the heart of Birmingham, BarberBoss made its debut with QR-2081 Professional Hair & Beard Trimmer. Launched on Amazon UK, our hero model immediately captured public attention and became popular, setting a new standard for quality grooming tools and establishing BarberBoss as a trusted name in the industry.


European Expansion

BarberBoss began to spread its wings, reaching customers in France, Germany, Italy, and Poland. By the first quarter, our star model achieved a significant milestone of £1 million in sales. Since then, we have continued to expand, establishing a strong presence in other European countries.


Redefining Grooming Excellence

This year, we launched 4 new models with adjustable speed settings, smart LED displays, and versatile attachments, achieving total sales of 100k units. These game-changing features offer customisable grooming, real-time feedback, and versatile options, revolutionising your grooming routine.


Comprehensive Product Range

We proudly introduced BarberBoss pets and women’s grooming range, bringing our total product line to 49 models. This expansion led to a remarkable achievement of 150k units sold, highlighting our customers' trust and recognition of our dedication to innovation and excellence in the grooming industry.

Supporting Local Heroes

On the marketing front, we proudly became the official sponsor of West Bromwich Albion (WBA) and Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC), showcasing our commitment to giving back to the community. By supporting local sports teams, we foster community spirit and engagement, reinforcing our dedication to making a positive impact.


Accelerating Growth

By mid-year, our product range grew to over 57 models. First-quarter sales doubled from the previous year. Trusted and loved by customers, BarberBoss garnered over 25k reviews on Amazon, further cementing our reputation for quality and reliability.

Today and Beyond

Looking Forward

Today, BarberBoss is celebrated as one of the UK's top grooming brands, trusted for our comprehensive range for men, women, and pets. We aim to become a leading global personal care brand by driving innovation through partnerships, focusing on sustainability, and setting new grooming standards to deliver unparalleled quality.