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More BarberBoss Comb Guard Sizes Are Now Available

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Yes, you've heard it right. More comb sizes are now available for purchase as a spare or extra kit. How exciting!

You requested and we listen. At BarberBoss, we'd love to hear feedback from our customers because you spend your precious time to speak to us what you think and of course it's our turn to make those become true.

So what's new?

Instead of 4 basic black combs, we now have 8 colour-coded comb guards that can easily satisfy everyone, from the professional barbers to any individuals to use at home.

First, let's take a look at our BarberBoss comb size guard chart, just in case you are not sure which size to go for. The chart includes comb numbers, sizes in inch and mm. Our BarberBoss comb sizes follow mm.

Number of combs: 8 combs: Perfect for trimming different lengths using various comb sizes. Here is the list of our comb guard sizes:

  • 4-6mm: around size 1.5-2

  • 7-9mm: around size 2-3

  • 10-12mm: around size 3-4

  • 16-18mm: around size 5-6

  • 20-22mm: around size 6-7

  • 24-26mm: around size 7-8

  • 28-30mm: around size 8-10

  • 32-34mm: around size 10-12

Buy our Authentic BarberBoss Hair clipper comb guards here

That's for today blog, see you next time!

The BarberBoss Team

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very helpful

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