BarberBoss Partners with Nottingham Business School for Digital Transformation Support

BarberBoss Partners with Nottingham Business School for Digital Transformation Support
An Exciting Collaboration: Nottingham Business School (NBS) and BarberBoss Team Up to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency with AI.
BarberBoss is teaming up with Nottingham Business School (NBS) in an exciting collaboration. Our mission: to enhance supply chain efficiency through the power of AI. As a leading grooming brand in the UK, BarberBoss has experienced rapid growth and now seeks to revolutionize our inventory management with the help of the Centre for Business and Industry Transformation (CBIT) at NBS.
CBIT's expert team will leverage AI tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot to transform our supply chain. They'll also create interactive dashboards for real-time insights into sales, inventory, deliveries, and supplier performance.
This AI integration will empower BarberBoss with data-driven decision-making across our operations and enhance overall efficiency through a unified system. Rui Shi, BarberBoss CEO, envisions a more resilient supply chain, adapting to market dynamics and meeting customer demands while expanding globally.
Georgi Iliev, Venture and Product Manager at CBIT, sees this project as a model for SMEs worldwide, offering cost-effective supply chain enhancements and fostering industry-academia collaboration.
CBIT's expertise in industry transformation and business education makes it the ideal partner for this Knowledge Transfer Partnership. They will guide BarberBoss in identifying performance indicators, refining business processes, and implementing advanced analytics.
For more information about BarberBoss, please visit our website.
This Knowledge Transfer Partnership received funding from UKRI through Innovate UK.
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