Get the Best Grooming Experience with Our Top-Selling Trimmers– Now 15% Off!

Get the Best Grooming Experience with Our Top-Selling Trimmers– Now 15% Off!

Step up your grooming game with BarberBoss's top-selling trimmers - QR-2081, QR-2082,   and QR-2681. Now, achieving salon-quality haircuts at home is easier than ever.

Even better, we're offering a 15% discount on all our trimmers with code:BB15! Allow us to re-introduce...

QR-2081: The All-Rounder for Men

Our QR-2081 set is a versatile solution to meet your hair and beard trimming needs. This 11-   piece home hair cutting kit features ceramic blades, two pairs of high-quality stainless steel   scissors, and a waterproof, low-noise hair clipper designed with a special kid-friendly mode.

Its self-sharpening titanium ceramic blades ensure precision and longevity. An in-built LED   display adds to its user-friendly design. SHOP NOW...

QR-2082: The Waterproof Wonder

The QR-2082 is your perfect partner for both dry and wet conditions. Ceramic blades ensure   top-tier performance, while the long-lasting battery and LED display keep your grooming   sessions worry-free. Coloured guide combs are included, making it easy to remember your   favourite trimming lengths. SHOP NOW.....

QR-2681: The Double Efficiency Set

Experience double the efficiency with our QR-2681 set, which includes two different clippers   - a Premium Titanium Steel T-Blades Clipper and a Ceramic Blade Hair Clipper. These are   perfect for detailed hair and beard trimming. The set features a LED display, extra-wide   cutting head, precision cutting positions, varied lengths guide comb, and speed adjustments   to suit different hair textures. You can also purchase these two trimmers separately! Search for QR-2086 and QR-2091. SHOP NOW....

From essential trims to detailed cuts, our range of trimmers caters to all your grooming   needs. So, why wait? Click below and upgrade your grooming game. Don't forget to use the   code BB15 at checkout to enjoy a 15% discount. Embrace the joy of salon-style grooming at  the comfort of your home with BarberBoss!

See you next time,

The BarberBoss Team


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