Great Benefits of Ceramic Clipper Blades

Great Benefits of Ceramic Clipper Blades
You will love your ceramic hair clipper much more after reading these benefit of ceramics. We promised!


Steel clipper blades are great. Lots of people love steel blades. But plenty of barbers and home users are discovering ceramic blades and seeing the benefits of ceramic versus steel. We thought we’d round up a few of those benefits in one place, so you can make up your own mind.


The benefits of ceramic versus steel.


1. They stay cooler for longer 

We remember back in school being taught about the space shuttle and hearing about the ceramic tiles they used to dissipate the heat of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. It works because ceramic is very bad at conducting heat.
However, barbers (and home users to a lesser extent) generally don’t want their blades to get hot, which steel blades do over time because steel is such a good conductor of heat. That heat transfers from the blade to the skin and makes the whole experience uncomfortable for your customers. That’s why barbers use blade coolant. But with ceramic, they don’t need to, because ceramic blades generate approximately 75% less heat than steel blades.

2. They will never corrode

It’s a simple fact that metals corrode. Or at least most of them do. Steel is no exception. When it gets wet, over time it will rust. When you use corrosive substances on steel, it will discolour. Ceramic has none of these issues. You can soak a ceramic blade for months in water and it won’t corrode. It can’t because it doesn’t oxidise.

3. Ceramic is harder than steel

This is an indisputable fact. Ceramics are harder than steel thanks to their molecular structure. Did you know, for example, that diamond is a ceramic? And we all know that diamond’s pretty tough…
Answer this question: what do you use to sharpen a steel blade? Ceramic, right? So it stands to reason that a ceramic blade will retain its edge longer than steel – up to five times longer in fact.


4. Ceramic blades are more premium than steel blades

Did you know that ceramic blades are more premium and more expensive in hair clippers industry based on manufacturers? Stainless steel blades are selected over normal steel to overcome any tendency to rust. As a general rule, they are less expensive than ceramic blades, usually between $4 to $5 per blade as of publication time, and more durable. It is easier to sharpen and sanitize steel blades, so overall they are easier to maintain. Steel blades are also available in more sizes, so they fit a larger variety of clippers. Thus, many clipper brands choose to produce steel blade and advertise them widely, but at BarberBoss we prefer quality and pleasant of use, therefore ceramic blades are a must.


5. Ceramic blades deliver a smoother cut

Based on our customers' genuine feedback, they tell us they prefer ceramic to steel because they can cut faster and smoother with a ceramic blade than a steel one. Many professional barbers embrace ceramic blades, insisting that they allow for a smoother and faster cut.


6. They look cool…

There’s something about a white ceramic blade that sets your clippers apart. As you may have known, white is such a thing in health and beauty sector. It look and feel more premium, hygienic and of course look cooler while use.


Something is not as cool

Ceramic blades, while easy to use, do have some disadvantages. Because they are more brittle than steel blades, they break more easily, and replacing them is slightly more expensive than steel, thus we expect to pay a bit more for a ceramic hair clipper than a steel ones. Modern ceramic blades are being produced in more break-resistant materials, however, so the debate may change in the near future. Simply handle your BarberBoss clipper with care while using, but please don't worry as accidents happen. We offer BarberBoss authentic ceramic hair clipper blade here if you need, and good news is we ship all UK orders with free shipping.


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