Kicking Off BarberBoss's 'Man Of The Match' Sponsorship on 22nd Sep with BCFC vs. QPR

Kicking Off BarberBoss's 'Man Of The Match' Sponsorship on 22nd Sep with BCFC vs. QPR

At BarberBoss, we are incredibly proud to be rooted in Birmingham's bustling heart. Certainly! Born amidst the uncertainties of 2020, we began with a singular, iconic product. Today, our growth narrative unfolds with a suite of 20 trusted essentials, solidifying our position as a brand that's not only expanded but also earned the unwavering trust of thousands. The recent article in Birmingham Live shines a spotlight on our ambitious strides and the passion that drives our innovation.

The BarberBoss & BCFC Alliance

Our collaboration with Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC) is more than a partnership; it's a fusion of passion, excellence, and local pride. In the wake of Birmingham City FC’s reinvigoration through American financier Tom Wagner and the legendary NFL superstar Tom Brady, BarberBoss is thrilled to join the celebration. You'll see our name lighting up the digital advertising perimeter around the iconic St. Andrew’s pitch. Plus, our commitment to excellence resonates with BCFC, which is evident in our sponsorship of the Player of the Match awards, select Championship fixtures, and our year-long sponsorship of goalkeeper Neil Etheridg

Spotlight: 'Man Of The Match' Sponsorship

A pivotal moment is on the horizon. We're immensely proud to announce that BarberBoss is the 'Man Of The Match' sponsor for the highly anticipated match on the 22nd of September, 2023. BCFC will be locking horns with Queens Park Rangers F.C. (QPR) at the iconic St. Andrew's Stadium. As Birmingham's football prowess takes centre stage, BarberBoss will be right there, celebrating every strike, save, and strategy.

Dive into BarberBoss Essentials

Beyond the football field, BarberBoss continues to redefine grooming standards:

· QR-2082: Dual-Speed Dynamo: Effortlessly tame every hair texture with its standard and turbo modes. The QR-2082, enhanced with 8 guide combs, ensures versatile styling precision.


· QR-2083: Precision Meets Innovation: Experience the prowess of QR-2083 that boasts an advanced ceramic blade, ensuring a flawless cut every time. Its waterproof construction and smart LED display elevate your grooming experience.


· QR-6082: All-in-One Grooming Solution: 5-in-1 versatility meets precision with settings from 1mm to 20mm. Whether you're shaping a beard or trimming body hair, it stands as an all-in-one solution for the discerning modern man who values both function and style.

The BarberBoss journey, while marked with notable achievements, is just beginning. Join us live on Sky for the game on the 22nd and witness a spectacle where grooming meets football. As BCFC battles QPR, BarberBoss will be right there, celebrating each moment. Stay tuned, stay stylish. Use code 'BB15' for an exclusive 15% off. Shop Now!

See you next time,

The BarberBoss Team


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