Your favourite combs are back!

Your favourite combs are back!

Hey bros, how are you all doing? After many requests, we have just re-launched the colourful comb collection, which is now available to purchase on our site:


Either you need these combs as replacements, spares or extra lengths for your trimming preference, they are the perfect answers for you. Available from 4mm all the way to 34mm, in different colour codes, you will love using them without any confusion.


Oh just in case you need, here is the list of our comb guard sizes: 

  • 4-6mm: around size 1.5-2

  • 7-9mm: around size 2-3

  • 10-12mm: around size 3-4

  • 16-18mm: around size 5-6

  • 20-22mm: around size 6-7

  • 24-26mm: around size 7-8

  • 28-30mm: around size 8-10

  • 32-34mm: around size 10-12

Buy our Authentic BarberBoss Hair clipper comb guards here .


Please note: These combs do not fit model QR-6081.


That's for today blog, see you next time!


The BarberBoss Team


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