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  • BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit
  • BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit
  • BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit
  • BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit
  • BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit
SKU: QR-9083

BarberBoss Pet QR-9083 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

VAT Included
  • Comprehensive Pet Grooming Kit. Dive into the world of professional pet grooming with our all-inclusive BarberBoss Clipper. Designed to cater to both dogs and cats, this kit is teeming with essentials - from 8 comb attachments for varied fur lengths and 4 adjustable speed settings to cater to your pet's comfort level, to a dedicated nail clipper and nail file ensuring those paws stay perfectly prim. It’s not just a trimmer; it's a complete grooming experience for your furry companion.
  • Advanced Self-sharpening Titanium Ceramic Blade. Our Pet Clipper is equipped with premium ceramic blades, precision-crafted from top-tier materials. These finely-ground teeth are designed for an effortless glide through your pet's hair, delivering a precise and polished trim. With every pass, your pet's fur is transformed into a well-groomed masterpiece, showcasing the high standards of BarberBoss craftsmanship.
  • 4 Speed Modes & 4 Cutting Position Settings. Offering four distinct speed modes (ranging from 55rpm to 70rpm) to suit various hair types and textures. No two pets are the same, and this trimmer ensures a tailored grooming experience every time. Plus, with four built-in length settings (1mm to 1.9mm), achieve the perfect trim depth even without extra combs. A fusion of speed and precision for the ultimate grooming session.
  • 100% Waterproof. This trimmer is tailored for every grooming preference, effortlessly transitioning between wet and dry conditions. Its 100% waterproof build guarantees not just compatibility with shaving gels or foams, but also a hassle-free cleanup under running water. Elevate your grooming sessions with unmatched versatility and hygiene.
  • Smart LED Display & Easy USB Charging. Stay informed with our trimmer's real-time battery percentage LED display, ensuring no unexpected interruptions. Paired with the convenience of USB quick charging, enjoy up to 180 minutes of grooming after a full charge, ready for your pet's comprehensive grooming sessions.
  • Modern and Fashionable, Proudly Designed in the UK. At BarberBoss, we merge innovation with elegance to craft our products, reflecting a commitment to quality and style that sets us apart. Designed in the UK and manufactured overseas, our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure high quality. Our customer service team, who are based in the UK, are part of our comprehensive approach to providing seamless service. If any need arises, our friendly and knowledgeable team stands ready to assist you, ensuring a worry-free experience with our products.
  • Perfect for: Pet Grooming, Full Body, Thick Hair, Matted Hair, Knotted Hair
  • Motor Operation Voltage


    Motor Centring Material

    Anti-wear Brass

    USB Charging

    DC 5V1A (Not Include USB Adapter)

    Run time/Charging time

    180 mins of trimming, 3 hours full recharge

    Cutting Lengths


    Cutting Speed


    LED Display


    What’s included in the box?

    Number of tools


    Pet Clipper


    Nail Clipper


    Nail File


    Guide Combs

    8 (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm)

    Cleaning Brush


    USB Cord




    Stainless Steel Comb


    Unlock Extended Warranty & Exclusive Offers. Automatically receive a 1-year warranty when you purchase our trimmer. Extend that warranty by 6 months and enjoy exclusive offers by simply registering your email with BarberBoss. It's our way of welcoming you to the family!


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